Lipa-Betoni Oy

Lipa-Betoni Oy is a concrete element factory founded in 1976. We manufacture elements for domestic, business and industrial building projects. Our product line allows fast changes in the production which enables a quick reaction to the customer's requrements and ensures deliveries within the agreed schedule.
Lipa-Betoni Oy
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76850 Naarajärvi
Suomi, Finland


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#1 Production process

Help Lipa-Beton Oy to take full advantage of the production process with circulating tables. Utilize existing systems better or introduce something new. Make sure that supervisors and employees will know the status of the production line in real time, all the time. In the same time, produce processed data to support product development and production management. Don’t forget that the systems need to be able to communicate together.

#2 Quality assurance

Quality inspection of the precast concrete elements is done by manual measuring and visual observing. How the quality assurance can be enhanced without investing hundreds of thousands euros? Can measuring  and modelling with help of photogrammetric or laser devices make a difference and how can it be done in practice? How the rule of 20/80 could be used for measuring? How to automate the comparison of the measured and drawn measurements? This challenge has been tried to solve many times before - with no solution to practical work.

#3 Design and realisation of a new graphic user interface

In this challenge the team’s taks is to design and code a user-friendly graphical user interface for a new system. More detailed describtion and API’s will be available from the beginning of the competition.

#4 Info-screens

It is easier and more rewarding to work when you see the results in real time. Help Lipa-Betoni's management to process and share information from various systems for their empolyees. Make the sharing of information simple and easy.

#5 Open Challenge

Is there a challenge that is even more important for the company than those above? Think out of the box, challenge the challenges and pitch your solution to the Jury.


First place


Second place


Third place



The judges use the following evaluation criteria when reviewing the Solutions:

  • Understanding the customer need
  • Technical implementation and usability.
  • Innovativeness / 'Hack'-factor
  • cost-effectiveness
  • pitch-presentation


Certificate for attending the Hackathon. Mamk-students get one point for studies! FREE FOOD! New contacts and friends! Hacking-support through the whole event! And also some additional side shenanigans!


Friday November 18th 2016


Opening the competition

Introducing the company and challenges


Working on the challenges

Saturday November 19th 2016


Presenting the works (see rules)


Feedback, results and prizes


Closing the event

Auxiliary programs



Lipa-Betoni Oy

Lipatie 1
76850 Naarajärvi
Suomi, Finland

By buss

Free buss takes off from MAMK 11.11.2016 at 15.00

Take with you

Personal computer (laptop or desktop).
Sleeping bag, camping mattress, towel and washing up kit. Toothbrush.

You don't need to bring food but please inform us on possible special diets beforehand. Thank you.


Right to participate

Any person or a company can participate the event. However, the total number of participants is limited. You can sign up as a single participant or as a team of people. At the event the single participants will grouped in teams of 2-5 persons.

Intellectual Property Rights

Resulting IPRs are shared between the creator and the company.

Participating with existing product

A company or a team is also allowed to participate in the event by utilizing proprietary code or a solution in order to demonstrate an existing product, for example. However, these participants are not competing for the money price.

The participants are obligated to follow all the instructions and guidelines presented by the organizers during the event. These instructions may, for example provide rules of filming/photographing and safety procedures.

The presentation

Each group has 5 minutes to present their solution. The presentation material must be in English, but presentation can be held in Finnish or English. After the presentation, the presentation and the solution is handed to the organizer in a USB-stick. (USB-sticks are provided by the organizer)

Lipa-Betoni Industrial Hackathon teams and jury. Thank you for everyone who participated!

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