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Casemet Hackathon

Casemet invites all business and technical students to participate in a Hackathon competition on 24.-25.11.2107. The task is to help Casemet develop their processes and enhance their business models and practises. The Hackathon will take place in Casemet premises in Mikkeli, Finland. 

The winning solution will be rewarded with the hefty sum of 1000 euros!

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Casemet Oy

Casemet is a Finnish, family-owned company, mainly focused on metal enclosing solutions. They provide subcontract manufacturing of electro-mechanical components, and sheet-metal structures.

Casemet is dedicated in continuous development of their operations and development of quality and environmental management systems. Hackathon is just the right thing to support Casemet's idea of constant improvement. 

More info on the Hackathon coming soon.

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Bid Calculation

Our key customer has sent a significant request for quotation. The quotation must be answered within 24 hours or else the customer will not take the offer into account. The amount of products offered is very large.

How can we create an offer which is both competitive and cost calculations are as accurate as possible ?

Forecasting the Demand & Usabililty of the Forecasts and capacity Management

The factory manager promises the sales manager a three week time limit for finishing a product under regular work load. From the sales person’s point of view the situation is always regular when the sales are closed. Just today would be a huge advantage if we could deliver the product within two weeks instead of three. From the production point of view the capacity varies significantly during different stages of production. The bottle neck to day is in the schedule to morrow and vice versa… meaning that the bottle neck may vary greatly.

Critical path estimation. How can we deliver information with adequate enough accuracy to estimate delivery times accurately to full fill all the requirements of the most reliable case manufacturer in Finland.

Factory logistics & production visibility

The production manager brings forth a major issue in a management meeting. At this moment we spend 30 hours per week for just searching for products within the factory. This is the single biggest cause of profit loss. Hundreds of products are being transferred daily from work stage to another and sent to customers.

What solution would remove this problem (locating products in the factory)?

Open challenge

Did you come up with a different challenge in Casemet you would like to solve?

Tell us about your idea when the hackathon starts and you can start to work with your own solution.



Casemet will reward the winning hack with a 1000 euro prize!


Friday 24.11.2017


Hackathon begins, company and challenges are introduced


Hacking starts




Hacking continues through the night

Saturday 25.11.2017

Hack continues


Presenting the results (see rules)


Feedback, results and prize ceremony


Hackathon ends

Try out

Mobile robotics with the MiR100 internal transport robot

Microsoft HoloLens available for test

Ruuvi Bluetooth Sensor Beacons


Take with you

Personal computer (laptop or desktop).
Sleeping bag, camping mattress, towel and washing up kit. Toothbrush.

You don't need to bring food but please inform us on possible special diets beforehand. Thank you.


Right to participate

Any person or a company can participate the event. However, the total number of participants is limited. You can sign up as a single participant or as a team of people. At the event the single participants will grouped in teams of 2-5 persons.

Intellectual Property Rights

Resulting IPRs are shared between the creator and the company.

Participating with existing product

A company or a team is also allowed to participate in the event by utilizing proprietary code or a solution in order to demonstrate an existing product, for example. However, these participants are not competing for the money price.

The participants are obligated to follow all the instructions and guidelines presented by the organizers during the event. These instructions may, for example provide rules of filming/photographing and safety procedures.

The presentation

Each group has 5 minutes to present their solution. The presentation material must be in English, but presentation can be held in Finnish or English. After the presentation, the presentation and the solution is handed to the organizer in a USB-stick. (USB-sticks are provided by the organizer)

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